How to share your Calendar / Contact in Outlook 2010


Before you begin: You can only share calendars that you own. If the Calendar

Permission button is grayed out, that means you DO NOT own the calendar. In this case we will assume you want to share your own Calendar.


1. Go to the "Calendar" button either from the folder list or at the bottom left.


2. Make sure you have the calendar you want shared selected on the side. (we assume you have more than one Cal)


3. At the top, there will be a button called "Calendar Permissions".


4. A Calendar Properties window should appear. Click the "Add"... button.


5. Search for the person you want to add. The Global address book will work as Last Name, First Name.

6. You can double click their name OR click the Add-> button. Just make sure that their name appears at the bottom box:


7. Then click "OK".

Once you've added them, you can adjust their level of permission (make sure you have their names highlighted first). Review table below for permissions but if you expect the Cal or Contact folder to be modify, simply select " Publishing Editor"



Here is a breakdown of each level of permission:



Can use the calendar as you would

Publishing Editor

Editor + can create sub-folders


Can view/add/delete items. Cannot share calendar with others

Publishing Author

Author + can create sub-folders


Can only edit/delete items they created

Non-editing Author

Can only create/delete items. Cannot edit any item on the calendar (even theirs)


Can only view details of calendar items


Can add items but can only view details of their own

Free/Busy time,subject,location

Can only view items as free/busy chunks, their subjects and locations.

Free/Busy time

Can only view items as free/busy


Absolutely no access



9. Once you have chosen the suitable level of permission for the person,

hit APPLY and OK.

10. To open the shared calendar  choose  File | Open | Open Other User's Folder.  Click on the Address Book icon and enter the last name, first name and select Find.  Select the name and click OK.  Make sure Type = Calendar and click OK.