You can recover some deleted items, like messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, and notes, even after the Deleted Items folder is emptied or you’ve “hard deleted” an item by pressing Shift+Delete. This feature requires a Microsoft Exchange Server account and doesn’t work with POP3 or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) accounts.

If you’re using Office 365 or another Exchange-based client, you can also restore deleted items using Outlook Web App.

  1. Click Folder > Recover Deleted Items.

Recover Deleted Item command on the ribbon

If you don’t see Recover Deleted Items, you’re probably not using an Exchange account or you don’t have a folder selected in that account.

  1. Click the message you want to recover, and then click Recover Selected Items Button image.

 To select multiple items, press Ctrl as you click each item, and then click Recover Selected Items Button image.

Recovered items are restored to the folder you’re working in.

Your Exchange administrator specifies the retention time for deleted items. After this time elapses, deleted items cannot be restored.

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