Setup Polycom to work with 365 VOIP


  • Plug in Ethernet Cord from Wall into Polycom, then plug a separate Ethernet from the Polycom to Computer
  • Plug in Headset and Power.
  • Once booted, hit HOME
  • Select Settings
  •  Select Advanced
  • Enter 456 as code
  • Select Administrative Settings
  • Select Network Config
  • Scroll to the bottom to find Base Profile
  • Change it to Lync
  • Click Back and then Save
  • Phone will now Reboot


Setup Local FTP Provisioning Server


Example FTP Server:

Note: Below example utilizes the Freeware FTP Server Filezilla. Please ensure to setup the correct Firewall settings and liaise directly with Filezilla for any issues encountered with their Software. The example provided is utilizing UCS 4.1.0 Rev B as the Polycom Phone Software

NOTE: Above UC Software 4.1.0 is just an example and is for LYNC deployments only. For SIP please check the Support page for the compatible software !



  • Download the latest Phone Software from Polycom’s website.

    Example UCS 4.1.0 Rev B


    !! Both files are required as outlined above!!
  • Create a directory and copy the two archives into this directory (Example D:\Software\UCS410revB\ )


  • Unzip the two Archives so they are in the UCS410revB Directory



Setting up the server


  • Download and install Filezilla Server client


  • Create the new user. For example: 410b



  • Add the directory created for above Software to the new User



  • Ensure that the User 410b is able to append and write / delete files


  • Once the phone is pointed at the FTP Server address the Phone will attempt to download the relevant files



Final Firmware Upgrade

· Once phone reboots it will asks for a Pin, ignore this and select Exit

· Hit HOME

· Select  Settings

· Select Status

· Select Network

· Select TCP/IP Parameters

· An IP will be displayed, now take this and enter it in Google Chrome, it will not work in IE.

· Enter 456 as the admin code

· Under the Utilities select Software Upgrade

· Select Check for Updates

·  Find the newest software and click install.

· The Phone will then reboot.

How to link Skype for Business account with the Polycom Phone

· Go to and make the menu match this on the right:  



· Scroll to find this download (latest version is 3.3.0):  



· Download this and install it ONLY after you update the phone.

· Select the home button on your phone, then find the setting option.

· Click Advanced Settings

· Enter the code 456

· Select Administrative Settings

· Scroll to number 13 which is called BToE PC pairing

· Make sure enabled is selected.

· You should get a prompt to sign in threw Skype for Business on the Computer.