How share files on One Drive Business


Before starting: Depending on the type of licenses you have and/or setup, by default your OneDrive for business only allows you to share your content with people within the domain /company. 


In order to share files/folders, you first have to create a folder and change its permissions so it can be shared. Once you do that, the content of the folder can be shared.


  • Logon to your OneDrive for Business account

  • Either create a new folder (i.e. Shared Content) or select the folder containing what needs to be shared.

  • Under the Sharing tab, click on the lock. (see print screen)

  • Enter Group “ Everyone” or the person you want to share with and then click on Share


------------>Now the content of the folder can be shared.


  • Create any items in the folder.

  • Select the fole and click Share

  • Type the email of external people you want to share it with.