The Disk Cleanup utility removes unnecessary files to free up space on the disk drive of your choice. To run Disk Cleanup on a Windows 7 computer, follow these steps:

1.Click Start.

2. Click All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Cleanup.

3.Select Drive C from the drop-down menu.

4.Click OK.

5.Disk cleanup will calculate the free space on your computer, which may take a few minutes.

6. After the calculation is complete, you should see a dialog box that looks similar to the following:

7.Confirm that only the following checkboxes are checked: •Downloaded Program Files •Temporary Internet Files •Recycle Bin •Temporary Files

8.Click OK.

9.You will see a dialog box that prompts you: Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files?

10.Click Delete Files.

11.Disk cleanup will delete the files and close automatically.