If you want to make sure that your server or workstation is safe from any malware or virus infections, you may need to run a scan of the system. Fortunately, our Security Manager/AV Defender software provides easy to tools to rapidly do this. To perform a scan on the system, follow these steps:


  1. Open AV defender, either through the system tray or through the Start Menu. A small window will pop up:

  2. Click the small downward arrow button on this window to expand the rest of the options, and click the Security tab on the resulting screen:

  3. Select the type of scan you want to perform by clicking the Scan button next to the option. A Quick scan scans the most commonly infected areas of your computer for malware, which will take care of most issues and runs much faster. A Full scan is more thorough, scanning all of your computer, but takes much more time. You can also specify a Custom scan, where you specify exactly which directories to search.
  4. Let the scan complete, which will show you a list of the discovered threats and prompt you on what actions to take. In my case, I found no threats, but in the event that some malware is discovered the scanner will give you instructions on what to do:

  5. Click Finish after the scan is complete to close the window.