1. From the Apple Menu, choose system preferences -> Print and Fax (or Print & Scan)
  2. Underneath the list of available printers already on your Mac, click on the plus sign to add another printer.
  3. On the top menu bar of this next window, make sure that “IP” is selected, and that under protocol is says “Line Printer Daemon, LPD”. On the “Address” line type in the IP address of the printer you wish to add.

    After several seconds a message should appear under the IP address you just added saying that it is a “valid and complete address” and the proper driver for the printer should appear next to the “Print Using” line. At this point is a good idea to give the printer an intuitive name that you will be able to recognize later.
  4. Check the box that says “Duplex Unit” – this enables 2-sided printing. Choose Continue.
  5. The printer you added will show up in your list of available printers.