The following instruction is on how to change your Email password that is being hosted by M6iT under Enterprise Exchange.

For emails being hosted by Office 365. Please see this support article:

Emails hosted by other provider, please contact your internal IT.

Step by step instruction on how to change your email password.

     1. Make sure you have an administration rights or have someone with admin rights to change the password.

     2. Go to

     3. Login using your email credentials.

     4. Go to the Users Admin Tab.

     5. Select the email address that you want to change.

     6. Under User Settings, go to the User Information Table and type in the new password in the Change Password textbox.

     7. Click on the "eye" logo in the same textbox and make sure you spelled the password correctly.

     8. Upon confirming that you have entered the correct password, click "Update User Details" and logout.

     9. Go to Outlook.

              - Outlook will prompt you to login using your new password.

              - If there is any problem logging in using the new password, contact or your IT administrator.