When editing an Excel file with multiple formulas, it is sometimes useful to switch between Excel's normal display, which shows the results of the formulas in the spreadsheet, and a display mode that shows the actual formulas in the cells. The normal method to do this would be: 

  • open the File menu
  • go to Options, then Advanced
  • scroll down to Display Options for this Worksheet 
  • check the box next to "Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results," and uncheck the box to display results again. 

However, there is also a convenient keyboard shortcut that does this much more quickly. The keystroke is Ctrl-~; press it once, and Excel displays formulas instead of results. Press it again, and the results appear again. As a bonus, when you use this tip to display formulas in cells, select a cell with a formula, and Excel outlines the cells that are referenced in the formula.