Here are three different ways to install a font in Windows 7

Install Fonts on Your PC Step 1 Version 4.jpg

Copy the new font from its folder to the Font Directory (located at C:\Windows\Fonts).

  • Navigate to, and open, the Windows Font Directory.
  • In another window, open your new font folder
  • Drag the fonts from their folder into the Font Directory.
  • If you want to install all the fonts in a folder, follow these steps:
    • Type CTL-A to select all the fonts.
    • Type CTL-C to copy all the selected fonts.
    • Navigate to your Font Directory, and press CTL-V to paste all your fonts into that folder.

Install Fonts on Your PC Step 2 Version 4.jpg

Open the font directly and install it.

  • Open the folder containing the new font.
  • Right-click on the font file you wish to install and select Open.
  • In the resulting Font Preview screen, click on the Install button at the top left of the window.

Install Fonts on Your PC Step 3 Version 4.jpg

Use a shortcut. You can also choose fonts located in another directory, or even another drive

  • In the Windows Font Directory, click on “Fonts Settings.” This can also be accessed via the Control Panel.
  • Check the option Allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut.
  • Double-click on a font, and next to the install button there will now be a Use shortcut checkbox. Make sure it is checked for that font.
    • Note that if you remove that drive or directory, the font will not be available for your applications.