LogMeIn is a popular service that allows you to control a computer remotely. This means that you can log into that computer from anywhere, allowing you to make any changes or administer any device from the comfort of your home or office, rather than having to be present at the computer. One of the services that M6IT offers is a subscription to LogMeIn, which will allow you to perform this remote control for your own computers. After signing up, you should receive an email saying you have been invited to LogMeIn, with your username, and the group that you have been invited to (usually your company) similar to this:

Clicking the link to accept the invitation will then bring you to this webpage:

Enter all your information and click on Create account to create your account and log into it. Congratulations, you have now created a LogMeIn account! Clicking on Create Account will log you in automatically, allowing you to begin connecting to computers.

Once you are logged in, follow these steps to connect remotely to a device. Logging in will bring you to the Home page, which is a list of the devices you have the ability to access:

1. On this page, simply click the computer you want to access. If this is your first time using LogMeIn, you may be prompted to install the LogMeIn client, which is the program that allows LogMeIn to work on your computer.

Tip: On Windows, control-click or middle-click to open the session in a new browser tab. On a Mac, use  Command-click

2. LogMeIn will attempt to make a connection to the host computer. You will be prompted to authenticate:


Tip: You can set LogMeIn to securely save your host username and password to the client  computer from which you are connecting. This will allow you to automatically authenticate when you next connect from the same computer. 

3. Log in to the computer using the appropriate authentication method.

  • If prompted, enter the username and password you would enter if you were sitting in front of the host computer. 
  • If prompted, enter the Computer Access Code you created when you installed LogMeIn to the host computer. 

Remember: Do not enter your LogMeIn ID and password. Enter the ID and password for that device.

After you authenticate, you will be brought to an image of the host machine's screen. You are now remotely controlling that device, and can do anything you could normally do at the computer from wherever you are located.