If you’re creating a large document with several pages you might want to add page numbers to keep them in order. Today we show you how to add page numbers on your documents in Word 2007 & 2010.

To add page numbers, open your Word document and click the Insert tab on the Ribbon and select Page Number. From here select where you want the page numbers to appear in the document and choose from the gallery of page number formats.


In this example we selected the “Bold Numbers 1” format for the Footer, and after selected they will appear in the document.


After you’ve selected the page number format Headers & Footer Tools open in the Design tab. From here you can change different options such as Different Odd & Even Pages. If you go to Print Preview, you can even see how the page numbers will look when the document is printed out. 


That is really all there is to it. The next time you have a large document with several pages, you’ll be able to insert page numbers to help people keep track of the data.