Most people know about the usual shortcuts like Ctrl-B, Ctrl-I, Ctrl-U, for bolding, italicizing, and underlining text respectively, or  Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste. Here are some other lesser-known keyboard shortcuts that may come in handy:



Shift + F3

Toggles through capitalization options.

Ctrl + Shift + N

Applies the Normal style.

Ctrl + Shift + C

Copies the formatting of selected text.

Alt + F9

Toggles the display of field codes on and off.


Repeats your most recent action.

Ctrl + H

Opens the Find And Replace dialog box with the Replace tab selected.

Ctrl + drag text or an object

Creates a copy of the text or object.

Ctrl + Q

Removes paragraph formatting that isn't part of the style assigned to a selected paragraph.

Ctrl + 0 (zero)

Applies or removes 12 points of space above the current paragraph.

Alt + drag the mouse vertically

Make a vertical text selection.