After updating your internet you may get a slow speed test on your Router.

Problem:  Some of our clients have upgraded their internet speed from TimeWarner Cable to a 100MB line.  The speed provided by Time Warner  should be 100/10MB.  In actuality it should be around 80+/10MB since it is a best effort service and not a dedicated line.  After the upgrade clients connected with Sonicwall TZ205  have seen a max speed of 30MB download. 

  • We spent hours with Sonicwall  and TimeWarner support and neither could provide an explanation.  They just blamed each other. Replacing the Sonicwall device  did not help.  We finally decided to compare a TZ200 with a TZ205 and the issue ended up being a translation between the Time Warner  Arris DG1670A  device and Sonicwall  TZ205.  TZ200 run a 100MB connection.  Where as the TZ205 are 1000MB and under.   The Sonicwall TZ200 worked just fine with our client exact configurations.  TZ205 could not pass 30MB Internet speed.
  •  We found that both devices (Time Warner Arris DG1670A and the TZ205)  were set to Auto Negotiate on their respective connections (LAN\WAN).  

Solution: Simply call TimeWarner and ask them to change the LAN port on the Aris device to 100MB Full.  Also change the WAN port on the Sonicwall 205 to 100MB Full.  This did the trick.  Voila! Speed test reach 80MB+ 

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