One of the tools we at M6iT offer in order to more easily support your devices is the M6iT Support Tool. The M6iT Support Tool is a Windows system tray utility with a variety of functions. The tool, built by our engineers, provides our client with easy access to the support portal, quick launch to open a support ticket via email, detailed workstation information for users, and more. 

Note: The utility is automatically deployed and installed for M6iT Clients. For clients who want to install it manually, please select the version and click on the link below. The differences are purely visual, but this guide features screenshots of the .NET4.0+ version:

· Utility without .NET4.0+ requirement. 

· Utility with .NET4.0+ requirement. 

Below is a screen capture of the icon for reference:

Clicking on that icon will open up this window, giving you a list of options and some info about the computer:


The information displayed at the top half of this window is information we may need to help support your device. Specifically,the tool lists your computer's name in the network, its local IP address (labeled IP address), the name of its logon server on the network, and the user you are currently logged into. During the course of our support we may ask you for those bits of information; this provides an easy interface to get it.

The rest of the buttons are further options.:

  • M6iT Website: This gives you an easy link to our website, where you can further access the support portal, or view the various products that we offer.
  • Open Ticket via Email: This button will open an email in your email client, addressed to our support system. Sending an email to our ticket system is the same as opening a ticket online and lets you quickly see when it is replied to.
  • Helpdesk & Support Portal: If you choose to open a ticket using the web interface, you can click this link which will open our support page ( in your web browser. You can also use this to access our helpdesk and database of solutions to common problems.
  • Get IP Address: Although your local IP address is displayed at the top of this window, for more detailed information such as your router's IP, your subnet mask, and more, you can click this button. That will open up a command prompt window with detailed information about your network settings, seen below:

  • Open Command Prompt: The command prompt is a powerful tool that often provides functionality that the graphical interface of Windows either does not, or makes very difficult. Although the command prompt is normally hidden, requiring you to type "cmd" in the "Run" dialog, we provide a simple button here that allows you to quickly launch a blank command prompt. To enter commands, simply begin typing:

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  • The application is a free service to download and use. M6iT will not be responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by the application on your computer. The application is NOT supported by M6iT. M6iT is not liable and will not be held accountable for any issues related to this application.
  • As earlier stated, for our managed clients, the software will be installed automatically. For clients with the older version installed containing company website links, the system tray will retain these connections. Both system trays will run side by side. Should some client want us to customize the software with their personal links, we could accommodate the request at a small fee.
  • For our unmanaged clients, you are welcome to download the software and use it. Click below to download the application.: