Another useful feature that M6 Online Backup offers is the ability to backup and restore an SQL server that runs on your machine. All you need is to have an instance of MS SQL Server installed on your machine, and the option will appear in the drop-down menu when you click "Setup Backup":

Selecting "Microsoft SQL Server" in this menu brings you to the following screen, which lists all of your databases on the machine. Selecting one or on the left menu opens up the options on the right:

This screen offers many options for customizing your backup. (Note: All settings for every database should be set separately):

  • The "Keep last <n> days" check-box defines how many backups will be kept on the cloud. Any backup which is older than the specified number of days will be removed from the cloud during the next backup session. If this option is left unselected, no backups will be automatically removed.
  • The "Keep latest copy as a local backup" check-box defines if a local copy of the database should be kept after successfully backing up to the cloud. If checked, only the latest backup chain is kept locally - a new differential backup will re-place the previous local copy, and a new full backup will re-place both the previous full and differential local copies. 
  • The "Use Windows Authentication" check-box and corresponding "User name" "Password" fields are used to provide credentials for connection to the database, if required.
  • "Temp folder path" defines which folder will be used as a temp location during backup and as a local storage for database copies if that option is checked. You can also use a network location for this as well.

Clicking "Next" on the bottom right will save the settings and proceed to the scheduler:

This screen lets you configure what kind of backup (full backup, or differential backup) you want to run, and how often and when you want it to do so. If you want the backup to run even when you are not logged in check the appropriate box ("Back up when Windows user is not logged on"), and if you want the backup to run once immediately after setup check "Run backup at the end of wizard". Finally, to receive email reports about your SQL backup check the lowest box and enter your email address into the text area. This will inform you at the end of every successful backup.

Clicking "Finish" will end your setup and run the SQL backup if desired. Congratulations, you have now set up your SQL backup with M6 Online Backup!