Now that you have set up your backup using Mac Online Backup & Recovery, you may at some point need to recover your files, whether it's due to data loss, accidental deletion, or another reason. Recovery using our Mac Online Backup tool is simple; from the Home Screen simply navigate to  the Restore tab in the top middle, which will bring you to this screen:

This will give you a list of all the devices you have backed up using M6IT Online Backup. To restore all of the files you have on one device, simply highlight the computer as above and click the restore button. This will restore all of the files that were protected to their state at the last backup. For more granular control of what gets restored (if you want to restore only a certain folder or files, for example), you can click on the arrow to the left of the device's name to see the subfolders that were backed up:

In this example, I have selected the file "output.html" to be restored to my Documents folder. After completing a restore, you are shown this screen:

That's really all there is to restoring your backups using Mac Online Backup; simply select the files you want to recover, and the application does the rest.