We also offer a version of our M6IT Cloud Backup tool for Mac. Our Mac Online Backup has many of the same features and capabilities of the Windows tool and is fairly straightforward to set up. Here is how you set up and configure your Mac Online Backup:

After logging in using the client you downloaded from us, the backup tool takes you to the Home screen, which gives you a summary of what has been backed up and how long it has been since you did so:

To begin backing up your files, navigate to Backup on the top-middle of the window. This will begin scanning the files you have configured it to, and compress and upload them afterwards:

That's all there is to it! This window will automatically go through the process for all the files it is configured to scan, and will notify you when it is done uploading. By default, the backup tool will scan your personal files; Documents and Pictures, namely. However, customizing what gets protected is also simple. Navigate to the top right and click on the "Settings" button to open this window:

This window gives you a lot of options to customize your backup. The "Scan these directories for files to protect" menu allows you to direct the backup to particular folders. The + or - icons allow you to add or remove folders from the scan. In my setup, for example, the scan searches the entire Documents folders and backs up all of the selected file types. "Skip these directories" does the opposite; those folders will always be ignored during the scan, even if they are subfolders of a selected directory. You can also control the file types that are protected, and the max size of the files. Finally, the bottom option allows you to select files that are always backed up regardless of location.

The Scheduling tab at the top of this screen also lets you configure how often your files are backed up:

In my configuration, the client uploads my files every day at 2:15 AM. You have the option to select hourly, daily, or weekly backups, or to switch off the automatic backup completely.

After you have tweaked the scheduling and let the backup tool run, you will be set; your Mac's files will be backed up and protected at the desired intervals.