After you have initially set up your backup, you may want to go back and tweak its settings; how often it does it, at what day and time, or if it runs without you being logged in. This can be achieved in much the same way as you set it up. To configure your backup at any point after the initial setup, just launch the M6IT Online Backup software then click on the Setup Backup button.

If you would like to keep the same backup selection and you only want to change the schedule, then simply click Next two times until you get to the Backup schedule and email reporting window that you saw when initially setting it up:

You should enable Back up automatically without user intervention, to allow for backups to run in the background.

If you require a password to sign into your Windows account on this computer, you should enable the option Back up even when Windows user is not logged on. This allows the backup session to run even if you are logged off.

Set the Frequency, Schedule, and Timing to whatever options you wish (Schedule does not need to be set if the Daily Frequency is set).

Configure the Email Backup Reports option. These reports are a great way to know that the backups are completing without fail and regularly; the email report will only be sent out after the backup session completes without any interruption.

Click Next and then Finished after you have configured the schedule to save your settings.