1. You can view the data that has been backed up online, by launching the M6IT Online Backup software, clicking on the Restore tab at the top, and then clicking on Online Restore.

2. Screen two of the recovery wizard will give you the option to search for specific backed up data. You can select a particular backed up date, size, or search by file name.

Note: to restore all the data you have backed up, simply leave everything blank.

3. In the screenshot below, there is one computer backed up (M6IT-SRV-DC). Now you can choose exactly what you want to recover. You have many options; you can restore the whole system, or a specific drive, folder, or file. Click on the plus symbol next to the folders on the left to drill down the directory structure, and highlight the folder name to show the files and folders in it on the right side.

Note: You can choose computers / files / folders that you wish to restore by checking the box next to it. Adding a check mark next to the root folder (computer name), will select all backed up data for that computer..

4. This last step allows you to choose where you want the file(s) to be restored to, and if user wishes to include the original path of the files / folders in the backup. If you select "include original path" then M6IT will rebuild the entire directory and file structure of the original system. If you're doing a full recovery this is useful. If you're only recovering a single file, you probably want to un-check this option. Click Finish to start the recovery process.

5. Finally, the below screenshot shows the dialog that appears when the data recovery has completed. You can click on the Open Destination Directory to immediately go to the folder that contains the files you have just restored.