Setting up an online backup with M6iT Online Backup is quite simple: you choose files and folders, decide upon a schedule, and optionally choose to receive email reports.


Follow these steps to configure an online backup:

  • In the Backup tab, click the Setup Online Backup button. At the first screen if you have never been here before it will need to scan.
  • Scan all folder - will scan the entire machine for recognized file types
  • Scan Personal folders - will scan personal folders for files - ex: my documents, pictures, etc.
  • Do not scan - which allows you to manually select your files
  • In the window that appears next, you can select folders and / or individual files that you want to backup.

1.  Use “Add Network connect” to select files and folder from NAS devices

2.  When you’re happy with the file and folder selections, click the Next button in the lower right corner of the window

IMPORTANT: Though you can, we recommend against backing up the entire C:\ drive, as there are many system files that are unnecessary for recovery.

  • In the next window, you may configure the scheduling. Review the default settings, and then decide if you need to make any changes.
  • Uncheck Backup at the end of this wizard if you would rather wait to perform the backup at the time you schedule.
  • Uncheck Backup automatically without user intervention if you would rather receive a prompt before the backup begins. If you leave a check in this box, the backup will start automatically at the time you schedule. We recommend this for your first backup.
  • Check the box Backup even when Windows user is not logged on if you would like the backup to run when the computer is running with no active user logged in
  • Notice the Frequency and Timing sections. The default Frequency is Daily, and the Timing is set to the time at which Online Backup & Recovery Manager was launched. You can change the Timing by editing the hour, minutes and AM/PM setting. (If you desire to stop the backup after a specific number of hours, you can edit the corresponding Windows Scheduled Task after configuring the backup.)

IMPORTANT: Large, frequent backups may cause a decrease in computer performance. 

If you prefer, you can change the frequency to Hourly and then select the number of Hours indicating how often you want the backup to occur. It’s important to realize that large, frequent backup sets may decrease the performance of the computer for other applications. Alternatively, you could choose Weekly and then choose a time and day, or choose Monthly and select the time of day and the day of the month on which to perform the backup.

  • Optionally, you can check the box Send email reports at the end of backup to send a backup status report to the email address that you specify the text box immediately below (every time a backup completes).
  • Click the Finish button to complete the schedule setup.

 Immediate Backup

If you want to perform a backup now, simply go to the Backup tab and click the Backup Now button. This backup will go into online storage along with any other backups. (It will appear in the listing between the backups that run on the regular schedule.)

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